Self Storage of North Fayette

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a unit?

To rent a unit, visit our leasing office or call to complete a lease by phone.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Unit availability changes daily. Having a reservation never hurts. You can call ahead to make leasing arrangements.

How do I pay my rent?

We try to make the payment process as convenient as possible. You can: mail us a check, pay in person with cash; check; or credit card, pay over the phone with a credit card, authorize a credit card to be automatically charged each month, or pay online using our secure tenant portal.

Does Self Storage of North Fayette issue monthly billing statements?

Yes. Free of charge we can email an electronic invoice to you approximately 10 days before your rent payment due date. Regardless of receiving or not receiving an invoice, your rent payment is always due on your anniversary date and it is your responsibility to ensure rental payments are made on time.

When is my rent payment due?

Your rent payment is due on the monthly anniversary of your lease start date. Your lease starts on the day you sign your lease. For example, if you sign your lease on January 12th, your lease starts on that date and your rent payment will be due on the 12th of every month there after.

How large of a moving truck can get into the site?

Trucks 40' and smaller can easy get into the site. A 50' or longer is a bit of a stretch, but not impossible. Please contact us to see how we can accommodate your moving truck situation.

How long is a leasing period?

Our leases run month-to-month and start on the day you sign your lease. One month is the minimum period for which a unit can be rented. Once you pay your rent, the unit is yours to use for 30 days. Your lease will automatically renew on your anniversary date, unless you give 5 days notice of intent to vacate. The date you sign your lease is also the date each month that your rent payment will be due.

Do I need to have a lock on my unit?

Yes. In addition to the security we provide with fences, gates, and video surveillance, you must also secure your unit with a lock.

What are climate controlled units?

Climate controlled units maintain year-round temperatures between 60 to 74 degrees. Also, humidity is controlled to remain constant to protect your sensitive belongings.

What's the difference between inside-access and drive-up units?

Inside-access units are only accessible through an interior hallway, drive-up units can be driven up to directly from the outside. All climate controlled units are inside-access, as are all standard 5x5, 5x10, and 5x15 units. Standard 10x10 and 10x15 units are available in both inside-access and drive-up. Standard 10x20, 10x25, and 10x30 units are drive-up only.

Does Self Storage of North Fayette insure the contents of the unit?

No. It is a tenant's responsibility to extend their homeowner's, renter's, or business insurance to protect the contents of their storage unit.